Local Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme (LCVAP)

The Locally Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme (LCVAP) is a capital-funded programme administered by the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) but which is devolved to Dioceses and Local Authorities. It is principally to enable schools to fund capital projects which are beyond the scope of the Devolved Formula Capital Grant (DFCG).

LCVAP funding is allocated to each Local Authority who are responsible for coordinating the programme of allocations against local needs and priorities.

Voluntary -aided (VA) schools are maintained schools and often, but not always, they have a religious character. These schools are eligible for capital by grant.

VA schools are paid on a similar basis to other categories of school, but the governing body must usually pay at least 10% of the costs of capital work.

Responsibility for work to VA school premises is shared between the school’s governing body and the local authority (LA). The LA has responsibility for the playing fields and the governing body are liable for all other capital expenditure.

Case Studies

  • St. Mary's RC Primary School - LCVAP Re-Roofing
    LCVAP-funded roofing replacement scheme to St. Mary's Catholic Primary School in Tilbury
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    St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School – Roofing Works
  • St. Vincent's Proposed Plan & Elevations
    LCVAP-funded triple classbase extension at St. Vincent's RC Primary School in Dagenham
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    St. Vincent's RC Primary School - Classroom Extension