Salix Energy Efficiency Funding

Salix, in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), works to reduce energy usage in individual academies, Sixth Form colleges, free schools and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) across England. Through the installation of energy efficient technologies, academies can lower energy bills and create a more comfortable learning environment for both pupils and staff.

The main benefits of SEEF include:

  • A reduction in energy bills
  • Salix Funds over 100 technologies that can help improve the learning environment for both staff and pupils
  • No upfront cost as the interest-free loan is repaid with the predicted energy savings
  • Salix have Secretary of State approval for all maintained schools and colleges to take up Salix loans –Schemes for Financing Schools
  • The repayments made are recycled to fund further projects in the public-sector

Funding criteria for SEEF are:

  • Projects must pay themselves within 8 years through their predicted annual savings
  • The project must not exceed a maximum cost of £200 per tonne of carbon dioxide

Case Studies

  • St Marks Boilers replaced using CIF and Salix funding
    M+C were appointed to provide technical support to secure both CIF and Salix funding, and design/procure/project manage the replacement of the school's aging boilers
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    St. Mark’s West Essex Catholic School – Boiler Replacement