Urgent Capital Support (UCS)

Academies and Sixth-Form colleges that are eligible for the main round of CIF funding can also apply for Urgent Capital Funding (UCS).Applications by eligible institutions can be made outside the main Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) where there is genuine need for urgent support that cannot wait for the next CIF round. Thus, this means that support can be requested as soon as the urgent condition appears.

A UCS application will need to provide evidence of:

  • Significant health and safety risk in relation to the building condition
  • A condition issue that has already resulted in or represents an imminent threat of school closure
  • Condition issue has resulted in or risks imminent closure of a significant part of the school building which would prevent the curriculum from being delivered
  • The urgent works cannot be funded by the trust independently or through a CIF loan.

Condition Issues that may be in the scope for UCS funding include:

  • Structural issues
  • Urgent health and safety (H&S) or insurance compliance issues
  • Urgent asbestos issue
  • Fire protection
  • Leaking roofs
  • Boiler and pipework failure 
  • Electrical issues

For additional information on obtaining funding for Urgent Capital Support and managing the projects from inception to completion, as well as other services we can provide to support your academy or MAT, please either call 01245 326200 or Email: info@mcessex.co.uk.