Bid Funding Services

Munday + Cramer are experts in supporting clients in securing funding to aid works of all types. Within recent years, Munday + Cramer have successfully secured over £90 million in the Condition Improvement Fund stream alone.

Munday + Cramer have particular experience within education funding, have a proven track record of helping schools prepare their applications for funding. There are a number of ways in which schools can fund building projects. They can, of course, self-fund from their annual budget allocation, or can alternatively apply for grants. Munday + Cramer can assist clients with securing funds via a number of different schemes. This is dependent on your organisation type, as well as the type of project. These include:

In excess of £90 million has been secured for academy schools with the CIF fund alone. Success rates are regularly twice the National average, giving schools the very best chance of success.