MAT School Condition Allocation (SCA)

Multi-academy trusts (MATs) with at least 5 academies and more than 3,000 pupils receive a School Condition Allocation to deploy strategically across their estate to address their priority maintenance and expansion needs.

The ESFA provides funding to keep school buildings in good condition so pupils can learn in a safe and effective environment. SCA should be used to keep buildings safe and in good working order by tackling poor building condition, building compliance, energy efficiency and health and safety issues.

Munday + Cramer can help advise and prioritise your school condition allocation by examining your current and future requirements for the academy. We can provide:

  • An assessment of the current condition of your academy buildings.
  • A maintenance and development strategy
  • A list of priority projects and the expected timeline (short, medium and long -term) for the works
  • Manage the various projects that have been identified.

Though a full understanding of your premises condition we will work with you to identify your short, medium and long-term defect priorities against your new building ambitions. as well as managing the projects that these improvements will require.

For additional information on School Condition Allocation (SCA) and the services we can provide to support your academy or MAT, please either call 01245 326200 or Email: